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My name Anastasia Korvyakova but in social media I also called Anastasia Elena. I'm happy wife because my husband support my passion to creation. And I'm mom of very active boy 12 years old. We have a dog(jack russell terrier), he is very friendly and funny. We live in Saint-Petersburg(Russia).  For several years my passion is interior decoration and scrapbooking. The last couple of years I've been creating in the mix media style. I adore paints, pastes, inks, textures. I love to make layouts, tags, ATC's, canvases, altered objects and more. I like to create and really like to remodel old things, rather repaint. For example, I repainted our old kitchen from brown to blue. Now doors in our flat waiting when I repaint them)). I have an experience as a decorator and I'm always glad of the chance to do such projects again.

I really love to use Finnabair and 7 Dots Studio products in my works so I'm excited and happy to be a part of amazing team ofthis blog. And I'm grateful to Anna, Andrzej and Tusia for the invitation!

Hi everyone! My name is Arantzazu, I live in Bilbao(Spain). I'm a mixed media lover! I love creating backgrounds, giving them texture and above all color! I would have said before that layouts were my favorite project but right now I prefer to experiment! I do not care about the support if I have a great background!

High or low? Always super high, I have a lot of energy... a lot!!
When I am happy, I ..... dance and create because I'm too hyperactive. 
What is your biggest inspiration? Finnabair, but in particular all Mixed Media products. 
Poems, novels, sci-fi or horrors? Novels, but especially love story that ends well 
Choose 3 things, that you need the most, when you create. I need so much more than 3 things but my top 3 are papers, mediums colored and of course gesso with water lol 
 New or old? Definitely new, I loooove everything that is new 
 I feel best... when I am with friends & family and when I have a lot of projects going on

My name is Cindy Brown alias Talkis on some Quebec forums. 
Those who know me say I am a dynamic girl who left to mark the way. Hyperactive by nature I channel my energy into lots of scrapbooking projects.
I have a boyfriend that I love and two dogs that I love children waiting Who Will one day. I am very close to my family. I also yours my artist from my grandma talent. She follows me even on Facebook.
Scrapbooking entered my life in 2006 because I wanted to make an album of my dogs. I found my shoe off and since then I am a compulsive buyer! 
I love discovering and trying new products especially. I want them all !!!!!
I love watching everything around me and inspires me to create. Making the rounds of blogs and Pinterest is also a joy for inspiration. I started this passion by making pages and then I‘m exploring the mixed media to return to pages by adding a touch of mixed media. I can not say I have a particular style,what I can say is that I like to explore all avenues.

High or low? Somewhere in between. 
When I am happy, I won´t let anyone to bring me down. 
What is your biggest inspiration? Nature. 
 Poems, novels, sci-fi or horrors? Poems. 
Choose 3 things, that you need the most, when you create. Daylight, gesso and an idea in my head.
New or old? Old. 
I feel best... When creating without limitations.

My name´s Denisa Gryczova. I´m a mixed media artist from The Czech repbulic. I´ve been into mixed media world for a few years. I love art journaling most but I do all kinds of messy projects. I´m eager to try out new techniques and unusual materials. I don´t have any particular style. I just create whatever when the inspiration hits me. Fortunately, it happens pretty often. Love getting inspired by other talented artists. My motto: A day without creating is no good for me.

High or low? Low, I like my feet planted firmly on the ground. I may have a slight fear of heights and flying... 
When I am happy, I am with my son baking, playing, creating, building Lego… Embracing the inner child ;) Also, very happy when I can escape into an art journal page and just get lost in the moment. 
What is your biggest inspiration? I find inspiration from so many places in so many forms, from my family, to my friends in Blogland/Facebook to just being outside enjoying a Sunday afternoon stroll in the woods or by the coast, there is so much to take in from just your natural surroundings. 
Poems, novels, sci-fi or horrors? Novels and Sci-fi! 
Choose 3 things, that you need the most, when you create. My phone (for camera and music), Gesso not just for priming but covering mistakes, and Stencils, I can’t get enough of them at the moment! 
New or old? Arghh, can’t choose I love both for different reasons.
I feel best… When being bundled by my son and all three dogs… they go CRAZY and most times I end up in a flailing mess on the floor - I put up a mild protest but secretly LOVE it!

Artistically, I am a lover of altered art, shabby chic, grunge, modern art journalling, paper crafting… okay most things, anything arty/crafty/painty (is that a word..?), I love it all!!! My biggest love is mixed media within any of these forms.

Colour entices me more than anything. From light and airy, to dark and gothic, bright and soulful (and everything in between). I believe the way hues ebb and flow together is what really makes a project, and gives it that ‘wow factor’. I adore how colours enhanced by mediums used beneath, around, or over them. The possibilities are beautifully endless…

High or low? -  Low! I am short, and I'm afraid of heights.
When I am happy, I jump, sing and dance.
What is your biggest inspiration?  Music, beautiful photographs and new materials.
Poems, novels, sci-fi or horrors? - I choose the horrors! It is desirable with ghosts. The old castles, abandoned houses, mysterious stories - this is a very excites the imagination!
Choose 3 things, that you need the most, when you create. Good light, palette knife and embellies.
New or old? - Old. I love old things. Vintage, frayed, rusty. Items with history and texture.
I feel best... when the weather is cloudy and windy. When you can stay at home and enjoy your favorite things: watch a movie, read a book or do some creative things.

My name is Juliya Tirskaya, i live in a small town of Yakutsk (Far East, Russia). Now I am engaged in family and scrapbooking.
I love to make out dark and mysterious photos, play with the decor, creating a fairy tale and fantasy. I can`t imagine work without any pastes and paints, as well as without stamps. Every day the miksed media scrapbooking absorbs me more and more, and I am very happy that I had such a colorful art therapy in my life.


Hello everyone! My name is Nadya Drozdova,  I am 29 years old. I live in Tallinn, Estonia with my 7 years old daughter, my husband and black maine-coon cat. I am so excited to be a part of such a great team! I started to work with paints and mediums one year ago and since that time I just adore mixed-media. My own style I call "Light and romantic“ because I love using flowers in my creations. But sometimes I like to do something on the black background with bright colors and metal elements. I hope that my creations will be interesting and inspiring for You. Hugs, Nadya

High or low? I think that I am "High"!! When I create, I want to see my project finished as soon as possible, so generally I quickly finish it!!!!! 
When I am happy, I...... sing, I dance and I create at the same time!!! LOL!!!! 
What is your biggest inspiration? For last 3 months my baby has been my biggest inspiration!! But I like creating without any photo, and thus all the old objects inspire me too!!!! 
Poems, novels, sci-fi or horrors? Do you think, that I have time to read? Oh no! With my baby, when I have any free moment, I create... But maybe you can find horrors in my creations?!!! LOL!!! 
Choose 3 things, that you need the most, when you create. I obviously need inspiration, a main object and I especially need some products from MMP!! I cannot choose between gesso, acrylic paints, inks and other stuff!! 
New or old? I like creating of the old with the new!!! LOL!! 
I feel best... since I am in this fabulous DT!!! What a happiness of being at MMP!!!!

I am Nirvana, I am 36 years old, I am married to a wonderful man (yes yes it’s necessary to say it when it's true!!!). I have a 17-year-old son, and we live in the South of France!!

Since I was a child, I have been attracted by the manual activities, a passion transmitted by my dad who is a painter!!! In nursery school already, everybody said that I shall make the School of Fine Arts, but I always wanted that that remains a passion and it is now done since November, 2007, when I began the preparations for our marriage!! 

I like trying new products, new techniques and sharing all this with you!!! So far, I don’t make page! At the moment I work especially with canvas, altered books, boxes, or quite different object which falls into the hands to me!!

I adore getting back the " fund of drawers " to everybody (lol), or to give a second life to old forgotten objects, "old-fashioned things" how everybody calls them and which would leave to the trash can if I was not there!! One of my friends always says that I am " an endless well " so much I have ideas. Yes, I haven’t enough days in one year for work anything that comes into my head!!! .. Or then, I would need 36-hour days!! Who wants it?!!!

High or low? High!
When I am happy, I smile :) and create.
What is your biggest inspiration? Maybe it's sounds a little bit strange, but my inspiration always come from my dreams. Before I create a new project I dream about it at night :)
Poems, novels, sci-fi or horrors? Definitely sci-fi! 
Choose 3 things, that you need the most, when you create. My brushes, a jar with a water and a hot tool.
New or old? Old! I love all vintage!
I feel my best when I alone create in my craft room, with my favorite music.

I'm Ola, almost 41 years old, live in Israel, married and mom for 2 sweet kids.
I'm a professional graphic designer in my past, and proud staying home mom in the present. My passion for scrapbooking began after  my son's birth (7 years ago). And in the last year I discovered a Mixed Media. At the moment I'm a full time artist and can't pass even one day without creating. I'm crazy about mediums, paints, mists, mix all of them together and see what happens :) 

High or low? Definitely low. I love earth, moss, grass...
When I am happy, I hop like a ball :)
What is your biggest inspiration? My emotions.
 Poems, novels, sci-fi or horrors? Sci-fi.
Choose 3 things, that you need the most, when you create. Coffee, my gorgeous lamp and music.
New or old? Altered :) 
I feel best... when I am all alone.

Scrapbooking fills my whole life – it is all around me – in my private life and in my job career, as I am the owner of 7 Dots Studio and also an eager scrapbooker . I love the process of creation – I have created things since early childhood – all kinds of handmade things always attracted me. I cannot imagine my life without making some art. Even if I leave for a weekend, I always take my small “art-bag”, filled with art-journal supplies.
I love all kinds of media – if I would have to define my style, I would say that media are the only constant thing. My favourite colours are fresh, bold greens, blues and pinks, but at the same time I just love delicate, pale hues of beige, rose and white. However there is something in my projects, what can be found always – a positive, feminine style.
I am lucky enough to be a designer in a few very creative places. I love drinking coffee, reading books, walking through the forest, watching flowers on the meadow, basking in the autumn sun and being deep in my inner world. I can say that I am a happy person and wouldn’t change a single thing in my life.

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